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There’s one thing that we know: wine has been produced in these lands for 3500 years. Only the best of grapes are grown in these lands, so why not the best wine? Thanks to the varied opportunities offered by Anatolia with its dozens of different microclimates and experience spanning thousands of years, our winemaking has been perfected, and at Leb-i Derya we’re offering the best examples of this perfection. Just like our dishes are prepared with local ingredients, our wines are also selected from local producers. We do not believe in minimalism in the wine menu, because we know very well that there cannot be a limit to pleasure, enjoyment and flavor. Indeed, just like the great poet Cemal Süreya once explained it all: “After the clock ticks midnight / all drinks are wine!”

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Rakı is ours. It was born, raised and then thrived in Anatolia. This is its homeland, where it formed its flavor and timbre, and its varieties; it’s got Anatolia under its skin. It’s a drink that, though its history doesn’t go back long, it’s given the seat of honor at the table; it has gained quite a place in literature, poetry, music and street graffiti; and created its own dishes, culinary culture and manners, creating a world of its own. Since the 2000s, Leb-i Derya has witnessed the expansion, diversification and elaboration of our world of rakı. Being one of the few restaurants that had the opportunity to witness this wonderful process, we are fully aware of our responsibility as standard bearers, and so we keep our rakı menu as extensive as possible. In a time when everyone is choosing to narrow down, we’re rebelling and proudly presenting our rakı selection. We take pride in our rakı menu and present it in a way that represents the devoutness and care of our restaurant.